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We guarantee a spacious and comfortable vehicle waiting for you, our drivers will not leave you at the Airport due the lack of sits.

With Lago Azul Express Transportation and Tours Services  from/to Managua Airport you will enjoy a safe, accesible prices and responsible service.

We are  located  in front the beach of San Juan Del Sur. We also own another local business Lago Azul  Restaurant and a Spanish School. Staff has more than 8 years of experience,  we welcome visitors all over the world  to discover all types of  adventures that Nicaragua can offer. 


Beginning your trip in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a tropical and very attractive country for natural wonders, with the biggest Lake (Nicaragua`s Lake), we are exactly in the middle of Central America, with two of the most active volcanoes located within its borders, one of them Momotombo short from Managua and one of the most accesible to visitors.

Masaya Volcano Park is located in km 20 , well maintained facilities for travellers, and the trails are well marked to offer a great way to experience the ancient lava flows.

We want you enjoy  your vacations in Nicaragua, your time is valuable for Lago Azul Express staff.

As a local transportation service Lago Azul Express  have a simple travel guide summarized to you. There are many tours in Nicaragua depending on the route you have planned.

Other reasons why we are the best transport service?

  • At any place Lago Azul Express guarantee not unexpected inconvenience that will leave you without transportation.
  •  Fair prices even are not shuttle ride shared.
  •  We  make everything easier for you but experiencing as a Local.
  • Tours according your expectations.
  • Comfortable  door to door service.


Trips from Managua Airport to Hotels, Beaches, Resorts and more places.

We travel to Barcelo Montelimar, Masaya Volcano,  Apoyo lagoon, Surf Ranch, Granada, San Jorge Rivas, we guide you in Ometepe Island, Beaches like Playa Yankee, Playa Hermosa, Marsella , Majagual , Remanso, Airbnb rentals or your booked accomodation.

Information about private Tours?

Some of the most famous or popular tourist places for your vacations here are:


Managua the Capital has at Puerto Salvador Allende where you can take a ship to admire the Nicaragua´s lake  not so popular,  just in case you go next day to your destination.

In Managua you have a mall close to the airport that is Multicentro Las Americas with many stores, Galerias Santo Domingo , Metrocentro, Plaza Inter, personally Galerias Santo Domingo is a bit expensive but is on the way to Masaya and Volcano Park and all the way to San Juan Del Sur.


The trip to San Juan Del Sur could take approximately two and a half hours depending the traffic.


Where the adventures and emotion begins:


Lago Azul Express transportation for now is focusing more in comfort and security when traveling, whether coming along or with groups we choose the best vehicle in order you are not  all squashed in together.

In Masaya that we called the Flower City we go to the handicraft Market


Travel to Granada

A colonial City that has well-preserved architecture in Nicaragua. The first Spanish settlement in the country having a Central Park where you can have a paseo en coches and Kayaking trip nearby the islets.


Mirador de Catarina

A small town close to Masaya with the view of the Apoyo Lagoon o Laguna de Apoyo that is a wide and extended crater in a form of a inverted cone with calm waters between Mombacho Volcano and Masaya Volcano.

Laguna de Apoyo

This Lagoon is one of the most beautiful lagoons in Nicaragua with abundant flora and fauna.

Ometepe Island

Located on the Lago de Nicaragua, Lago Azul Express make trips to Ometepe Island form by two joined volcanoes Concepcion y Maderas. Many activities can be done here like:

Hiking, Kayaking, tours in differents roads and healthy food.

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We are considered  the most reliable Transportation in San Juan Del Sur by administration of places like San Juan Del Sur Private Sky House and  On The Hill Vacation Rental

Contact Lago Azul Express staff  for any question at , dialing  +(505) 8854 2230 or  landline +(505) 2568 2432 

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Good to know when traveling to beaches like Majagual, Marsella, Playa Hermosa, Madera and Yankee beach there is additional fee of $20. When is Coco Beach the extra fee is $30

Night transfers have an extra charge, and $10 additional per 1 o 2 people.

Check out our fair prices below :

Leon To/From San Juan Del Sur
# PassengersOne Way (total cost)
Granada to/from San Juan Del Sur
# PassengersOne Way (total cost)