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Take advantage of your time in every trip!

If you’re traveling into Managua International Airport, we’ll be there in Lago Azul shuttle to pick you up any time of day or night and escort you safely right to our door in 2-3 hours depending on traffic.


With Lago Azul Express Transportation and Shuttles Services  from/to Managua Airport you will enjoy a nice clean air conditioned vans and knowledgeable bilingual drivers.  

It belongs to the group that owns a great spanish school in the town  Lago Azul Spanish School and Lago Azul Restaurant situated in front to San Juan Del Sur Bay and  in the town center, we  have local drivers with more than 10 years in transportation Industry.



Enjoy door to door private vehicle service at anytime from Managua Airport to several places like:

Barcelo Montelimar, Masaya Volcano,  Apoyo lagoon, Surf Ranch, Granada, San Jorge Rivas to get Ometepe Island, Beaches Playa Yankee, Playa Hermosa, Marsella , Majagual , Remanso.

Lago Azul drivers makes remarkable experiences in your way to all places you have planned. We drive at anytime you need, whether  surrounding areas in San Juan Del Sur,  Managua airport or private guide tours, we are your best choice! get in touch with us.

Also recently we were considered the most reliable transportation in San Juan Del Sur by the manager of the recent launched  Sky Houses Vacation Rental (famous new listing in Airbnb) to bring their guests.

We offer  private tours also at anytime you decide or prefer. Check out our gallery Trips and Tours !

Lago Azul Express is the Best Transportation Alternative
here are a few reasons why:

  • At the airport or any other place we don`t  make you wait until filling the vehicle with its maximum capacity.
  • First your comfort.
  • You will not spend time at Managua Airport instead of visiting touristic places.
  • Always competitive and fair prices.
  • At any place Lago Azul Express guarantee not unexpected inconvenience that will leave you without transportation.
  • We provide the most reliable  and speedy Nicaragua airport transportation service.
  • We  make everything easier for you but experiencing as a Local.
  • Tours according your expectations.
  • Comfortable  door to door service.

You can also contact Lago Azul Express transfer services by email at or by phone dialing mobile claro +(505) 8854 2230 or  landline +(505) 2568 2432 if you have more questions or just want to know about the guide Tours in the most frequent spots, when traveling in groups the shuttle service is a great option.

When traveling to beaches like Majagual, Marsella, Playa Hermosa, Madera and Yankee beach there is additional fee of $20. When is Coco Beach the extra fee is $30

Night transfers have an extra charge, and $10 additional per 1 o 2 people.

Check out our fair prices below :