Ometepe Tour with Lago Azul Express

Traveling to Ometepe Island 

The private taxi or the Van of Lago Azul Express from San Juan Del Sur goes early approx at 7:00 am because the trip takes some time to get to San Jorge where we wait for the ferry to take us to the island.

We arrive by the Puerto Altagracia is a city and municipality of Nicaragua, in the island of Ometepe, pertaining to the department of Rivas.It has a total area of 211 km² the climate is semi humid (tropical savannah).

First we go to Punta de Maria

A narrow strip of sand stretches out into Lake Nicaragua, which can reach as far as 1 kilometer into the lake during dry season. You can walk on this strip of sand, with water splashing in from both the left and the right.

Punta Jesús María in the rainy season is covered by water still there is an interesting move of  the waves coming  from both sides kind of when two seas meet but in a small scale.

ometepe island

Then we visit Los Ceibos Museum,


Museums El Ceibo became the only pre-Hispanic private museum on the island of Ometepe and one of the museums with the largest pieces (it has a collection of more than 1500 pre-Columbian pieces, which are in permanent exhibition) and most recognized in Nicaragua.


The second Museum of  Moisés Ghitis Rivera owns the first numismatic museum (where old coins and coins are kept) of the Island of Ometepe. It has a collection of more than 800 pieces of Nicaragua and at the same time is making another of foreign coins, which are donated by foreign tourists who have visited this place for almost two years of existence.


Museum El Ceibo


In the first room the most striking detail is the recreation of an indigenous tomb that was found 15 years ago by Ghitis Rivera, about 700 meters from the now museum.

He commented that he even made a map of how objects were found to be put back into the museum as he found them.


In this rebuilt indigenous tomb the teeth are seen, the bones placed in an earthen vessel, a jade pendant, a necklace of animal fangs, a tripod with an eagle's head and a golden shaman, so that the museum guides they presume that the remains were of an important personage of the ancestors of Ometepe.

Those who were tobacco ovens on the Tel Aviv estate, known on Isla de Ometepe for its old name El Refugio, in the community of Sacramento, Moyogalpa, are now the places where the evidence of what was culture of the ancestors of this place stranded on the Great Lake.

After we visit the Museum we walk in the Ecological Reserve of Charco Verde covers 20 hectares of tropical dry forest which is home to many animals.

From Altagracia (the city of island) it's around 5 km to go to  Ojo de Agua.

Also it brings you to  the road to Playa Santa Domingo to swing.


"The Eye of the Water"

We spend time in The Ojo de Agua is a nice place to unwind and cool off after a strenuous journey or a hike on Ometepe's volcanos.


The lower pool is almost 2 m deep and 40 m long, so if there aren't too many people you can do really good laps in it..


Charco Verde with its emerald green waters. The lagoon owes its peculiar color to abundant algae. In earlier times the Indians used to make sacrifices and supplications to their gods here. Today it's just a tranquil piece of woodland where you can admire flora and fauna.


Admission to the Ojo de Agua costs $3.

If you can arrange it avoid holidays and weekends.

On the way back we go to San José Dock and take the ferry to San Jorge, starting point for the island.


Ojo de Agua