San Juan Del Sur and Lago Azul Express

San Juan del Sur was once a quiet fishing village near Costa Rica border, it blew up in the mid-1800s, when the California gold rush converted the town into an important port for migrants from Central America and South America.

Today San Juan Del sur is a gateway of a different kind, it has become a prime stop for travelers on their journeys up Nicaragua´s Pacific coast. At Lago Azul Express we know every single corner  of the Touristic Town.

In this place you will have unforgettable adventures , tranquility and  surfing in the great breaking waves, you can also  grab a room at one of San Juan Del sur´s celebrated beach hotels. Ecolodges, fancy surf hotels and even a few luxury stays dot the coastline, Luxury Hotels and Spa and Resort.

Hitting the waves at famous beaches

Within reach of all of Nicaragua´s best surf breaks, San Juan del Sur is a surfer´s salty dream. Beginners and experts can hang at nearby Playa Maderas, but hardcore wave-riders will likely want to charter boat to reach the coast´s most coeted spots: Playa Colorado ,Panga Drops and Lance´s left…

Close to everything, Lago Azul Express private Taxi or Transportation Services doesn´t make you wait to go straight to the next place you want to visit.

After looking sunsets in the bay  many beaches are  just a short bus ride out the town. Swimmers and sunbathers will enjoy also the tranquil coves at Playa Marsella and Bahia Majagual, while nature lovers can head for La Flor Wildlife refuge to watch nesting and sea turtles.


Climbing to Jesus

Perched on a mountaintop overlooking San Juan Del Sur a stone statue of Jesus Christ is said to be blessing the town.Impressively this is the world second largest Jesus statute, after the famous Christ Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro. The statue is visible from many spots in town, but for a closer look you can hike or drive to the base. Watching the sunset with Jesus is a great idea.


Going Wild

With a vast array of bars, pub crawls and party hostels, San Juan Del Sur is infamous for beaches ragers. So infamous in fact, the worried business owners are now denouncing the crazyiest party in town.


The Nicaraguan chicken bus experience

They may arrive from North America with hard to open windows and requisite elementary graffiti, but these aren’t school buses anymore.They have been converted into top-of-line, bad-ass Nicaraguan chicken buses

What is a chicken bus? Well it´s a cheap hot ride with not enough legroom, too many people, and the occasional farm animal.Often times a chicken bus will also include a replica of a suffering Jesus, blaring music of the driver´s choice and a bunch of neon paint designs.

Cramming into this sort of bus in the heat of the afternoon might not sound appealing but the price for a ticket for the primary form of the transportation in the country - $2- is unbeatable.

We also are glad to share with you that in our Restaurant Lago Azul you will get a fresh and tasty seafood at affordable prices, we are in the center of the town, also we invite you to have some spanish classes at and get to know more about our people and culture!